Friday, January 20, 2006

British Masters Cross Country Championships

I've mentioned these to some of you - here are some details.
They take place on March 5th, King's Park Bournemouth.
Three races:

12 .00 Men 70+ and all women (over 35) 6km
12.45 Men 50-69 8km
13.45 Men 35-49 8km

Results in every 5-year category.


More information and entry forms at
click on fixtures.

Please pass this info. on to other interested parties who you
might see but aren't on my email list.

I have entered and will probably do it. Although it's a
sobering experience to realise the quality and depth of talent in
my age group, I like to occasionally run these big events, and it
will probably be a long time before there's anything similar so
close geographically. The one complication is that it's the same
day as the Mad March 20 and I'd like to have done that, but I'll
probably plump for the Vets (sorry Masters).

Let me know if you're going and we can co-ordinate transport.

I'll put this on the website in case there are people who look
at it, not on my mailing list.


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