Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eastleigh 10K

The weather was not all it might have been however we were spared the worst of the morning rain and only had to contend with a steady drizzle and blustery wind. The wind made its presence felt most on the final K of the race (as is always the way).

The West Wight Team consisted of Daniel Mannion, Gareth Knight, Paul Scivier and Victor Loveday. With an absence of what might be called high profile runners the four Road Runners did an excellent job with solid grouping and scoring.

Only nine minutes separated the four of us with Daniel finishing first in 156th place in just a shade over the forty minutes, 40:09.

Gareth finished next in 42:19, 227th living proof that marathon training does not improve the 10K times of mere mortals.

Paul finished third with a very consistently run 44:21, 304th which really helped our overall points score on the day.

Vic came in fourth for the team running comfortably in under the 50 min mark in 49:21, 523rd and ensured we scored our full team of four.

There were 1372 finishers (men and women).

I am happy to say that our team of mixed average runners scored 1210 points and comfortably beat Ryde Harriers who scored 1604.

The next race is the Totton 10K on April the 6th (you should all have a race entry form which I emailed a few weeks ago). It would be nice to field more than the minimum four runners just in case of disaster, we might even improve our average. Also the presence of a few of our lady runners would be great to see.

For full results click here.

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