Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lymington 10K

Six West Wight Road Runners attended the Lymington 10K which was held on the same day as the Alton 10. The run is beautifully scenic however little shade was present and the gentle sea breeze was greatly welcomed. Even though the runners we not competing for times, all finished strongly in respectable times, weather considering.

First home for the men was Mike Green in approximately 46mins closely followed by Turgay Hassan-Hicks 30seconds later.

Anne Ballingall was the first lady home, finishing comfortably around the 55min mark, second home for the girls was Lora Hassan-Hicks who finished just over the hour mark in 1h 01min. Claire Critchison was third lady home, despite persistent injury, she finished well and injury free, at around 1h 17mins. It was great to see Anne Hassan-Hicks return to race running and she was on top form, finishing in 1h 18mins, 12mins faster than expected. (You would say that, Lora, she's your Mum!....Ed)

Well done to all the West Wight Team for a fabulous turn out at both events, on the same day!

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