Monday, May 19, 2008

Walk The Wight

Sunday 18th May was host to the ‘Walk the Wight’ in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Many members of the West Wight Road Runner team hung up their running shoes for their hiking boots, to take on the 27mile, hilly course. While 9 members saw fit to walk the course, a mad four, refused to put away the running shoes and thought, it better to run! Gareth Knight completed the 27mile course at full speed in 4hrs 20mins, while Turgay Hassan-Hicks, once arriving at Freshwater Bay from Bembridge, decided not to complete the race at Alum Bay (3miles away), but would instead run home a further 5miles. It is estimated that he ran 29mile in approximately 4hrs 50mins. The third loon, Mike Green ran from Bembridge to Freshwater Bay in approximately 4hrs 30mins, where he finished the 24 miles on a maximum of 6 miles a week training! Lora Hassan-Hicks was only half as silly because she started from Carisbrooke Castle and ran to Alam Bay in around 3hrs.

A huge congratulations to all who took on the challenge of Walk the Wight, the early morning weather conditions were perfect for the runners, and the warmer mid morning ideal for the walkers.

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