Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent Races

The club has been busy over a number of weeks with members attending both Hampshire Road Race League events and others in the calendar.

Gareth Knight took part in the Fleet Half Marathon as a part of his preparations for the London Marathon in April. He finished in a time of 1:33:26 which is particular good in view of the ongoing foot injury with which he is coping.

Chris Amy took in the Reading Half Marathon in her preparations for London along with her husband Brian. Her time was 1: 52: 44 which bodes well for the marathon with Brian just behind finishing in 1: 54: 11.

The club was represented by three athletes in the Eastleigh 10K last weekend. They were led home in a field of 1536 runners by Andre McEwan in a time of 40: 13 (254th position), Gareth Knight in 41: 34 (302nd position) and Vic Loveday in 55: 11(1041st position)

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