Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last of the Summer Runs


3rd August       West Wight Sports Centre. 

10th August       Brighstone Jubilee Car park for run

17th August        Meet at Gurnard Green.  Run along beach and across cliffs towards Thorness Bay.

24th August          Chale run to Hoy and beyond…...  Meet at Club Captains house.  Enmore Cottage, Chale Green.  Half way between shop and church.  Next to Newman lane.  Park on verge opposite.  Look for the balloons!!!!!  Cake available upon request.

August 31st      Brighstone Jubilee Car Park.  Dan is organising the route.  Thanks      Dan.


7th September West Wight Sports Centre Car Park

14th September Start at 7:00pm for light conditions. Freshwater Bay Carpark.  Run over Tennyson.  Short course and long course.  Last Summer run of the year.

Winter runs will start on the 21st of September.  We meet at the West Wight sports centre to run at 7:15pm.

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