Monday, February 04, 2013

The Ryde 10

Nine WWRR turned out for the Ryde 10, considering some of the weather we have encountered for this run yesterday had to be one of the better days.
Andrew McEwen was the first man home in 1.07hrs followed by Ian Jolliffe 1.17.51, Julian Trout 1.26.44, Eric Critchison 1.29.05. Geoffrey Simmons running in a WWRR vest but unable to qualify for WWRR in this run came in at 1.24.29.
Sarah Smith led the ladies home  in 1.32.30hrs followed by Cherry Owens 1.37.22, Chris Amy 1.38.47 and Wendy Simmons, likewise running for the first time in a WWRR vest, came in at 1.40.35.

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