Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Newport To Ryde Club Championship Race

Four men and two women competed for the WWRR Club Championship Claret Jugs.
All competitors were clean and fresh as they passed us on Victoria Road but it was mud-splattered bodies  that trudged up Firestone Copse from Wootton Bridge.
Andrew McEwen was 9th overall in a time of 49.45, Paul Judge 22nd - 55.34, Geoff Simmons 41st-1.01.24 and Julian Trout 70th -1.09.02.
With the men evenly spaced the ladies battled it out with only 10secs between them!
Cherry Owens was 80th -1.18.27 and Wendy Simmons 1.18.37!
Both Cherry and Wendy were first in their respective age categories.
Well done everyone

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