Tuesday, April 22, 2014

West Wight Road Runners Nominated Race Club Championship

Easter Monday saw the above event taking place at the Ryde Harriers 3 Hills Race. The winners of last year's event selected this race for the Club Championship 2014.

10 runners took part, 6 men and 4 women. Winner for the men was Andrew Mc-Ewan and for the women Wendy Simmons.

Other results as follows
Andrew McEwan - 2nd in age group                                55.29 mins
Paul Judge                                                                   1.00.04
Dan Williams                                                                1.10
Geoff Simmons                                                             1.11.02 
Julian Trout                                                                   1.16.36                                               
Mike Hoath                                                                    1.27.25
Wendy Simmons                                                          1.27.26
Christine Armstrong                                                      1.29.37
Cherry Owens                                                               1.31.01

Julia Trout                                                                      1.33.35