Monday, June 15, 2015

Club Run 17th June 2015

This week's run starts from Highdown Chalk Pit Car Park grid ref 325856 at 7pm. You don't have to be a club member to run with us - just turn up and enjoy the evening.

Route Description
SIMPLY an all-seeing, all-knowing where we all are OR Catch-up run

From the Chalk-pit head out E towards Freshwater Bay along track. [Hazards! Tree-roots, stones, watery cowpats].Do not deviate from path. At end of track CHOOSE EITHER TO

1. Turn sharp R. Enjoy an uphill pull by hedge/fence past runner-fearing rabbits to first gap in said fence. Turn R and follow grassy path toward Tennyson Monument*Run past it on its left-hand side. Continue [oh joy!] downhill to stile. Leap over and follow path out to the radio mast at far end [by Needles] Appreciate the sea-views! Do not cross the fence. Turn R and round the bend to turn again E towards Freshwater Bay [a lovely run here]. Appreciate townscapes of Totland and Freshwater. Head down towards the gate by the wooden replica beacon. Take stony track ahead straight back to the Chalk-pit. [Hazards! Loose stones, tree-roots, very uneven narrow pathways].
[Approx. 5 miles]


2. Do the Elite Extra
  Continue downhill and run along perimeter of field up to the gap in the fence leading ever onwards and upwards to the Monument. Then follow from *
[Approx. 6 miles]

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