WWRR Cross Country

The WWRR 5 mile Cross Country event takes places every January.
As reported in the "blog", there was a wonderful turnout this year (on Sunday 7th January) with around 50 runners in total.
It is also a nominated time competition with a prize for the club member who runs the closest actual time to the time they predicted before the start of the race.
This year there were six WWRRs participating in the competition.
Congratulations to new member Andy Dorning for winning the "nominated time" prize,
Here are the results:

Name Nom. time Act. time Difference Position
Andy 49.00 50.01 1.01 1
Matt 40.00 42.22 2.22 2
Cherry 58.00 60.32 2.32 3
Eric 50.00 53.45 3.45 4
Graham 54.00 50.46 -3.54 5
Roger 53.00 58.23 5.23 6