Cross Country

The WWRR 5 mile Cross Country event took place on 13th January 2019
Congratulations to Mike for winning the "nominated time" prize.
Matt organised the run, Christine marked the course, Feiron and Sue did timekeeping.
Only four WWRR competed in this year's XC run (plus Jason who started late and Christine who was back marker and trail tape picker upper).
£25.50 was donated for a charity by other club runners who all were happy with the run.
Thanks to all involved - the photos show runners enjoying the run at about the half-way point.
Photos: Click to see Album
The results - four WWRRs were timed:-

Name Nom. time Act. time Difference Position
Mike 51.06 49.32 1.74 1
Eric 45.00 49.49 -4.59 2
Cherry 63.30 58.40 4.90 3
Andy 47.00 52.07 -5.07 4

Click to see the 2019 XC route